6 significant gains from the qualifiers to the Dakhla Youth Olympic Games

At the Youth Olympic Games held in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in October 2018, kite surfing was selected as a new sailing competition. The new format TT: R (Double Tip Slalom) has been chosen as the new discipline of the Youth Olympic Games. This is an excellent achievement for all kitesurfing communities and the sport itself. In the past ten years, this sport has become very popular and is still developing rapidly worldwide. It is expected that kite surfing will showcase the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and the 2024 Paris Olympics.

The International Kite Surfing Association (IKA) is responsible for promoting kitesurfing worldwide and holds world championships for each kite surfing category. From February 20th to 25th, 2018, Wow Hotel Dakhla will host one of the most anticipated kitesurfing events of the year-qualification for the African and European Youth Olympic Games. Let us see what we have learned from this competition.

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6 significant gains from the qualifiers to the Dakhla Youth Olympic Games 1

TT: R Slalom competition is a high-speed tailwind competition, which pays less attention to tactics and more attention to board and kite control. Riders drive along a set route, and they need to overcome obstacles. All athletes are competing against each other in multiple preliminaries. Based on the elimination system, the best three drivers are advancing to the semi-finals and finals. In the Dakhla (Dakhla) competition, each game has eight people to play, each lasting 6 minutes. All participants can only use the traditional double-pointed kiteboard and tube kite.


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The Intercontinental Qualifying Tournament for the Youth Olympic Games held in Dakhla gathered young athletes from 15 to 18. Sixty-one players participated in the competition, including 32 boys and 18 girls from Europe and eight boys and three girls from Africa.


3 Racing - Wow Hotel - Dakhla

TT: The R game has two crucial parts-start and penalty. A good start is an essential factor to be ahead of all competitors and win the game. Penalties are no exception-all riders will be punished for tangling or touching other riders’ kites when twisted. Read more about the punishment system here.


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All participants can only use the traditional double-pointed kiteboard and Leading Edge inflatable kite. Each participant can only register four kites and one board to use during the event. The kite must be selected from 4 size categories to cover the wind direction from light wind to strong wind. The size of the kite should be different: large (15m or larger), medium (11m – 15 m), small (9m – 11m) and x small (9m or smaller). A detachable kite belt, safety belt, helmet, floating or impact kite must be used. All equipment must comply with the international IKA Twin Tip Racing rules, which can be found here.


5 wind - Wow Hotel - Dakhla

The minimum air volume to start the game is 8 to 10 knots (depending on wind density and ocean currents). Therefore, there are two breezy days during the competition, allowing Wow Hotel Dakhla to introduce the culture and windless activities to all participants. In addition to tasting different local delicacies every day, all young riders have the opportunity to meet a group of children from Dakhla and teach them the basics of kite surfing. Aziz Ouakrim, a local kitesurfing instructor and member of the “Dakhla Lagoon Association”, said that the event provided an excellent opportunity for local children to discover kitesurfing and set an example for the future. . Besides, the young drivers participated in the “art class” and performed watercolour paintings on themselves.


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On the last day of the game, Dakhla encountered difficulties due to solid and windy winds. This is a stressful day for all the drivers because they have been fighting at the limit and fighting on the water until the last moment of the race. It was an excellent day for Morocco because national driver Jonas Ouahmid (Jonas Ouahmid) won the race. He made Morocco participate in the Youth League held in Buenos Aires in October this year. Olympic Games. Simultaneously, in the Women’s Africa Division, Rut Gouws from South Africa won first place. On the European podium, Sofia Tomasoni from Italy dominated the women’s European region in all competitions, so she won the title even before the last round. The boy’s European zone was even tenser, with Toni Vodisek from Slovenia defeating Benoit Gomez from France to win less than one point.

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The 10 best things to do in Dakhla

Surf dakhla sahara morocco

The 10 best things to do in DakhlaAre you a passionate kite surfer or a kite lover, and have not been to Dakhla? If so, then this article is for you! From its scenery to the lagoon and food, we have written this article to help you discover the top ten reasons to visit Dakra.

The city of Dakhla is a narrow peninsula, 50 kilometers long, located on the Atlantic coast of Morocco. It has a large lagoon with turquoise water, waves, wind, tradition and microclimate… So many elements make Dakhla one of the most unique water sports venues in the world.


Dakhla Lagoon is a little paradise for all kite surfers. Due to its superior geographical location, constant wind and flat water, despite the surrounding desert, the microclimate prevents the temperature from rising above 27°C.

  • Wind direction: NE
  • Wind intensity: About 15-25 knots throughout the year, but bigger in July and August
  • Water: Flat and shallow at the lagoon
  • Daytime temperature: 26°C from April to October and 23°C from November to March
  • Water temperature: about 22°C from April to October, and about 18°C ​​from November to March

To follow the forecast, please visit: here

With WowHotel Dakhla you can take semi-private or private lessons or rent equipment according to your level. We will offer you a package adapted to your level.


There are several surf spots in this region. The best known and famous are those of Sarga, Pointe d’Or, Arish and Foumbouir.

There are several surf spots in this area. The most famous and famous are Sarga, Pointe d’Or, Arish and Foumbouir. Our favorite attraction is Foumbouir, which also hosts the World Surfing and Kitesurfing Championships every year.

The surf spot is right in front of YOU. You can also rent surfboards or take surfing lessons.

  • Wave direction: right
  • Expansion direction: N / NW
  • Expansion size: 0.5m to 2.5m
  • Ideal tide: low tide
  • Ideal season for surfing: October to April
  • Ideal season for kite surfing: all year round


Many hotels will provide you with unforgettable accommodations during kite surfing and other water sports in this paradise, such as Wow Hotel Dakhla. 3 kilometers away from the airport, it is the perfect choice to enjoy the real experience. Ideal for people traveling alone, with friends, family or groups.


If you don’t like extreme sports like kite surfing, there are many other activities here, including water skiing, yoga, fishing, desert trips, kayaking, catamaran sailing, Assna Hot Springs, Long Island Ride Boat tour, oyster farm tour… etc.


Every year, the city attracts more and more professional riders, brands from the kite surfing world and international competitions. This is due to ideal wind conditions. Therefore, if you are going to Dakhla, you may be lucky to be able to watch a professional game.

The events of previous years and this summer are :

  • PKRA (2013 & 2014)
  • VKWC (2015)
  • GKA (2016)
  • GKA (2017)


Morocco is one of the most diverse cuisines in the world, influenced by Andalusian Spain, Arabia and France. Dakhla is famous for its artisanal oyster farming, which is part of its culinary tradition. Dakhla oysters are not only sold all over Morocco, but also exported to top European restaurants and even Japan. The restaurant in Dakhla offers a variety of grilled shrimp and clams, squid, fresh shrimp, spicy crab, sashimi, and of course oysters.

Here, you can try restaurants such as Casa Luis and Tea House.

When staying at the Wow Hotel Dakhla, you will have the opportunity to visit an oyster farm to discover the local culture and taste some oysters.


The Dakhla area is home to various marine animals, birds, reptiles and mammals of rare or threatened species. UNESCO supported the creation of the Dakhla National Park to protect its natural biodiversity.

You can see dolphins and even killer whales in Dakla Lagoon all year round. But most commonly, you will find pink flamingos clustered in the lagoon. They are the most common birds in the Dakhla region. If you are taking a shuttle bus for small surfing in Westpoint, you can also see some camels !


Morocco is famous for its music, scenery and food, but there is more! Here, you can visit the traditional hammam, relax and rejuvenate your body and mind during your stay.

Morocco uses traditional Turkish baths, massages and natural products (such as argan oil) to provide a variety of spa treatments. The SPA is open all day at Dakhla . After some kitesurfing, what better way to relax ?


If you want to add a place to your ideal destination list, you need to go to Dakhla. Quietness and simplicity are the keywords to describe this place. Away from busy streets and crowded beaches, you can enjoy the comfort of a relaxing beach holiday, explore local culture and explore kite surfing.


Historically, this area was formerly inhabited by Berbers and Arabs. Due to its complex geopolitical situation, Dakhla was influenced by Spain, Morocco, Mauritania and even Saharan nomads.

If you are going to travel to the city, we recommend you to visit the following cultural attractions :

  • Spanish Cathedral
  • old mosque
  • new mosque
  • the waterfront

If you want to visit Dakhla, we will be happy to take care of everything for you. From air tickets, to accommodation and water sports, we will provide you with a complete package that fits your budget. Don’t hesitate to contact us via the email [email protected] .

Dakhla, a unique best trip to learn kitesurfing!

Jane Doe

kite surfing PSMRUJ6 - Wow Hotel - Dakhla

Dakhla, a unique trip to learn kitesurfing!

Dakhla …. le paradis du kitesufing ….

Today, I will present my trip to Dakhla (south of Morocco) from A to Z to share with you my experience with wow hotel dakhla. From the reservation to the plane ticket, including the choice of hotel (wow hotel dakhla), nothing will be left to chance I will tell everything in my story in order to give you the best information.


FROM Málaga to Dakhla

Toy plane on map.


Surf Lover


To Dakhla

hand2 787x1024 1 - Wow Hotel - Dakhla

If you like to travel alone, you can check the wind conditions 2-3 days in advance on the Windguru website to get the right gear. After taking a small propeller plane to Casablanca, I waited there for 2 hours, then took another plane to Dakhla.

Arriving in Dakhla at 11:50 in the evening, we filled out an information form (the reason for the trip, name, surname, etc.) and of course, go through customs control. Once the suitcases were collected, the people of Wow Hotel Dakhla were waiting to take us to the hotel. After 15 minutes, I finally reached kite surfing paradise in the middle of the desert. At night, we don’t really realize the place, but the next day when we wake up it’s just the best!


At the Wow Hotel Dakhla, I stayed in a Twin Room with Balcony on the 2nd floor. It is located in the heart of the city of Dakhla. The bedroom has 2 single beds, a private bathroom and the most magnificent a view of the city.

Beach dakhla

When you wake up, this is priceless!

The room is 20m2 in total but that was more than enough for the short time I spent there. What stood out to me during my stay at this hotel was the friendliness of the staff.

They are very attentive and do their best to find a solution for every traveler. As for the kitchen, there was a little bit of everything in sufficient quantity; Moroccan dishes and international cuisine. The restaurant is spacious and has an outdoor area.

Breakfast is served between 8 a.m. and 10 a.m., lunch between 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. and dinner between 8 p.m. and 10 p.m. As for the places to live, you have the Bar next to the restaurant with music in the evening, Moroccan style sofa to sit, read, etc. Then there is the Beach Bar just next to the nautical center, my favorite spot after kite sessions.

In the evening, I admired the sunset there while listening to Lounge music.

Really, i loved this place!

Probably the most lovely wave of Morocco

Lassarga is a chunk of virgin land on the southern tip of the Dakhla Peninsula, the place the lagoon meets the Atlantic Ocean. In entrance of us, there’s a sandy seaside of 1.5 km with an incredible point break that generates a stupendous line. On a great day, you may surf about 1 km, from the peak to the fishing village on the finish of the seaside (nearly 2 minutes on the wave!). We’re the one camp right here, the place is virtually personal. The waves of the Sahara are distinctive and supply unsurpassed surf circumstances on this planet, supreme for initiation and growth. As for the waves, the summer time is just a little swell however winter is THE surf season in Morocco and Dakhla.

Dakhla surf
Probably the most lovely wave of Morocco 2

From take-off …

Understanding the fundamentals of browsing in Dakhla means studying the perfect college there may be. A protracted, indulgent, welcoming wave for newcomers. A spot the place you may be taught with the perfect instructors, to find a self-discipline that would develop into your ardour after your keep … At the very least we hope!    

Take Off

… To the tube

Porto ricois additionally a spot tailored to the apply of a extra engaged browsing. The completely different surrounding spots will let you uncover completely different circumstances. Don’t hesitate to contact us for extra details about the probabilities of browsing in Dakhla.  

Newbie – intermediate – skilled spot

It is likely one of the most lovely and inaccessible waves of Morocco. Exceptionally lengthy, the Dakhla wave wraps alongside a sandy tip on the finish of the Dakhla peninsula. The completely offshore wind makes this wave glassy and of limitless size, requiring a return to the height by the seaside. The wave may be very evolutionary in keeping with the sections and in keeping with the tides.

Intermediate spot

Positioned 5 minutes from Ocean Vagabond Dakhla Lagoon; it’s the good spot for newcomers, simple to entry, with out present or rocks; this spot is right for studying browsing. Don’t hesitate to go there to get pleasure from all the advantages it gives.

Near the town, the seaside of Foum Labouir is the undisputed spot of Dakhla. Extra technical than Aarich’s, it requires extra expertise. This can be a level the place the waves unfurl over a rocky plateau, most frequently lined with sand. The surf, hole and quick initially of the wave, turns into progressive halfway by means of. A number of peaks and a number of other sections, waves typically hole and quick at first, softening within the second part, leaving time to maneuver and digging once more on the tip to type a bowl.

Newbie spot

Dropped right into a bay about 60 km north of Dakhla, its lengthy progressive wave makes this spot a perfect place to be taught the fundamentals of browsing, good his technical expertise or enhance his gliding type. The configuration of this seaside gives browsing for all ranges, from newbie to skilled. The configuration of the seaside of Aarich gives, regardless of the tide and the depth of the wind and swell, waves at all times lovely and nice to surf.

Camel Morocco
Probably the most lovely wave of Morocco 3


SHARE YOUR holiday passion

You’ve probably already seen our extra amenities and activities? There are a lot of them and you can enjoy any. But today we want to make a special accent on the lagon.

Our walk on the Atlantic coast of Morocco ends as it started… in Dakhla. In recent years, this destination has established itself globally as one of the most popular for the practice of board sports in Morocco. Located in Moroccan Sahara, near Mauritania, the peninsula penetrates the Atlantic for nearly 40 km. This geographical feature gives it, according to specialists, exceptional conditions all year round (mild temperatures, constant winds and shallow water in the lagoon, powerful waves on the ocean side) ideal for kiteboarding and windsurfing, but also for surfing, bodyboard and stand-up-paddle. We couldn’t ask for more! To learn about these disciplines, let’s go to the Dakhla Attitude surf camp, one of the most famous, located on the iconic Pointe du Dragon …

Let’s ride with us to the secret !

Hotel header - Wow Hotel - Dakhla
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Surf dakhla sahara morocco
Surf dakhla sahara morocco

Upon arrival, no doubt as to the reasons that brought me here. People are riding in handmade boardshorts. The camp is built on the side of a dune, bordered by the lagoon on each side, so you might as well say that the view is just incredible. Yassine, one of the hotel managers takes me under his veil for a full tour of the facilities. I find in him all the kindness, kindness, and warm welcome that characterize the inhabitants of Dakhla so well.

We start the visit with the nautical base, the real nerve center of the place, with the sports center, the surf shop, the Beach bar… everything is there! In terms of the activities on offer, there is nothing to be bored of: kiteboarding, windsurfing, bodyboarding, paddleboarding, surfing, kayaking, catamaran sea trips, fishing, and even a wake park (towed by a cable) for on windless days.

I meet Max, the head of the school and kitesurf instructor, a legend of the place. The contact goes well, and in a few words, he briefs me on the swell phenomenon in the lagoon, the ideal conditions from which the spot benefits (temperatures between 25 and 30 ° all year round, warm and transparent water, the willing wind of moderate strength), and even gave me some little tips to progress quickly in a kite. “There is no better place for a beginner in the world to enjoy his progress,” he confided to me. I can’t wait to get started, but it will be for later because the visit continues.

It is the perfect place for the family rest!

Take your children along with you and discover together unique world of underwater life. Kids will be astonished with new discoveries that await them. Put camera or phone into your bag to capture charming landscapes of the bays!

Still have worries? Ask us everything you would like to know.