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You’ve probably already seen our extra amenities and activities? There are a lot of them and you can enjoy any. But today we want to make a special accent on the lagon.

Our walk on the Atlantic coast of Morocco ends as it started… in Dakhla. In recent years, this destination has established itself globally as one of the most popular for the practice of board sports in Morocco. Located in Moroccan Sahara, near Mauritania, the peninsula penetrates the Atlantic for nearly 40 km. This geographical feature gives it, according to specialists, exceptional conditions all year round (mild temperatures, constant winds and shallow water in the lagoon, powerful waves on the ocean side) ideal for kiteboarding and windsurfing, but also for surfing, bodyboard and stand-up-paddle. We couldn’t ask for more! To learn about these disciplines, let’s go to the Dakhla Attitude surf camp, one of the most famous, located on the iconic Pointe du Dragon …

Let’s ride with us to the secret !

Hotel header - Wow Hotel - Dakhla
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Surf dakhla sahara morocco
Surf dakhla sahara morocco

Upon arrival, no doubt as to the reasons that brought me here. People are riding in handmade boardshorts. The camp is built on the side of a dune, bordered by the lagoon on each side, so you might as well say that the view is just incredible. Yassine, one of the hotel managers takes me under his veil for a full tour of the facilities. I find in him all the kindness, kindness, and warm welcome that characterize the inhabitants of Dakhla so well.

We start the visit with the nautical base, the real nerve center of the place, with the sports center, the surf shop, the Beach bar… everything is there! In terms of the activities on offer, there is nothing to be bored of: kiteboarding, windsurfing, bodyboarding, paddleboarding, surfing, kayaking, catamaran sea trips, fishing, and even a wake park (towed by a cable) for on windless days.

I meet Max, the head of the school and kitesurf instructor, a legend of the place. The contact goes well, and in a few words, he briefs me on the swell phenomenon in the lagoon, the ideal conditions from which the spot benefits (temperatures between 25 and 30 ° all year round, warm and transparent water, the willing wind of moderate strength), and even gave me some little tips to progress quickly in a kite. “There is no better place for a beginner in the world to enjoy his progress,” he confided to me. I can’t wait to get started, but it will be for later because the visit continues.

It is the perfect place for the family rest!

Take your children along with you and discover together unique world of underwater life. Kids will be astonished with new discoveries that await them. Put camera or phone into your bag to capture charming landscapes of the bays!

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